Thursday, October 15, 2015

Updated Hair Regimens!

I finally updated our hair regimens!

Feel free to ask questions.

As far as my hair regimen, Mine is pretty much similar to when I was relaxed. Except that I don't use a relaxer anymore.  My hair is not long at the moment, but the top is since I have been growing that out more. But many of the techniques still work.

For MadiMel's hair regimen, it is pretty much the same. Some products have been added and some switched to new ones.  I will not say the replaced products didn't work anymore, it was time to try something different and it has worked just fine, probably a little better for her.

Keep in mind when you do create a hair regimen, use it as a guide. Don't let it guide you. There will be times, you will miss a wash day, deep conditioning and forget to moisturize your hair for a week. It's okay. Just get back right on track when you can. Trust me, I am not perfect with my hair regimen, but I still maintain what needs to be done when I can.  In essence, just practice healthy hair techniques and you are good to go. I feel that products enhance the beauty and health of your hair.

Sdestra's Natural Hair Regimen                               MadiMel's Natural Hair Regimen

Enjoy and God bless!